WAGNER ART EDITION works with artists of a new age. And we would like art to finally be again why you exist in the first place. Art is a very personal expression of the artist with the aim to inspire people every day. For this, an artist must be truly free. Only the freedom of art allows the collector true daily inspiration.

Art is more than just material. Art is not a coincidence, the artist*in works on the work and on himself and that daily.

The high quality of a work of art comes from many experiments and considerations, the artist*in must master many challenges. First and foremost with a lot of decisions. These decisions, mistakes and successes create something independent, a work of art where you can say that it is a blueprint of the artist.

But beyond that the thoughts the intuition play a superior role. We at WAGNER ART EDITION work with artists who make the material visible to you with their spiritual approach.

We are interested in the background of an artist and their life, we go with the artist in the studio and provide you with exclusive stories.

The artwork should later not only match the color of your sofa and the content and symbolism of their lives, but also remind you daily of the artwork of the beautiful, whatever that means to you.

With our 3D wall tool, we have found a way to give you a free first impression of how a work of art will look like in your favorite place. Also there is the possibility to send us just a picture of your wall, so that we can put your favorite work for you on your wall in the computer.

Also sign up for our newsletter there you will receive stories about the artwork and be the first to know about our new exciting works.

Founder and owner André Wagner made a conscious decision in 2020 to have an online-only presence. Our exhibitions take place as pop-up exhibitions exactly where the stories of the artworks can unfold their true power.

As the world is also becoming more and more digital, you can also pay us directly with your crypto currency. We ship worldwide.

WAGNER ART EDITION currently represents the following artists:






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