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Much more than an architectural photograph

You can feel it, the warm charm of the wood in the freshly restored Alexander House in Groß Glienicke (Potsdam). Only natural light, which penetrates through the cracks of the closed shutters, creates this unique ambience. It seems as if the eventful history of this wooden gem is still present. Barely perceptible even something can be heard, but what might that be? Children playing or tank tracks? Machine gun fire or the laughter on a happy summer evening?

So small and yet so big

In the book "Sommerhaus am See," Thomas Harding brilliantly captures five generations and 100 years of German history in words. Love, intrigue, chaos, armored halls, SA on the lakeshore and ultimately, after the war, the Berlin Wall actually across the garden. The Alexander House was doomed to demolition and yet rescue was found at the last minute.

A photograph directly under the skin

The photograph radiates powerfully and yet remains deliberately quiet. Through the perfect apparent symmetry, it lies quietly within itself and encourages one to pause, even to meditate.

Testimony of time and vision

Every kind of art is also a witness of time. But especially a photograph is able to capture the momentary reality. If it is then possible to integrate other time levels, feelings and visions into a picture in addition to the current reality, then it can become a work of art. Art is personal. Whoever invests in art always buys a vision, his vision. This wonderful work is at the same time a vision and proof of hope and basic trust that good will triumph.

André Wagner


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