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Acrylic glass

Lightjet Print on Aludibond behind acrylic glass is the name of the materials of my produced artwork.

This consists of five layers:

A black plastic core is enclosed by two coated aluminum plates. The photo print is laminated onto this stabilizing carrier plate. Above this is a two millimeter thick acrylic glass with UV protection, which is offered in two finishes, matt or glossy.

The picture is hung with the help of a professional aluminum rail system.

In addition, when you purchase my work, you will receive a signed sticker, which you are welcome to attach to the back of the work, or you can also keep it safe in your documents.

Following you will get important information about the material used:

Acrylic glass:

highest gallery quality, lightweight, crystal clear, shatterproof, weather, frost and heat resistant.

Enjoy the highest elegance combined with guaranteed durability.

Possible finish:

Glossy acrylic: Elegant, with impressive brilliance and depth effect. However, stronger reflections may occur in rooms with direct sunlight.

Acrylic glass matt and non-reflective (at extra cost): High quality and mirror-free. Can be viewed from any angle without disturbing effects.

Additional framing possible: Please make an individual request if you wish to have framing.

Acrylic glass with UV protection:

Protection from radiation and pollution.

Durable and pristine appearance: guaranteeing color brilliance and strength of black and white tones for a lifetime.

Proper care of acrylic glass:

Always wipe with a damp cloth.

Use special microfiber cloths with antistatic plastic cleaner or other mild cleaning agents. Please do not use conventional detergent or alcohol, they destroy the atomic structure.

Special hand polishing pastes can be used to remove small scratches.

Printed on branded paper:

Exposed with laser technology (Lightjet Print).

High color brilliance for a breathtaking depth effect and sharpness of detail. Let your loved ones be amazed.

Three-layer system of Alu-Dibond:

Sturdy design, lightweight, durable and resistant: benefit from the solid and stylishly thin aluminum back panel. It provides stability and gives your artwork a modern black side look for a pure and authentic experience.

Includes already mounted aluminum rail:

secure mounting guaranteed

Upon purchase, you will receive a professional aluminum hanging system. The rail is lightweight and durable. So you can hang the new artwork safely.

Packed in an ArtSecurity packaging:

Protection from freight damage

Specially made packaging for artwork. Optimized to avoid damage such as dents or scratches during transport. So the painting arrives at your door intact, in all its glory.

Guarantee promise:

Bubble and crack-free result: by using liquid silicone for lamination, your photograph will shine with its flat surface.


Avoid direct sunlight and heat or hot air sources to guarantee the artwork a long life.

Before mounting the artwork, cushion the bottom with a soft pad to avoid damage to corners and edges.

My artwork has a limited number. You will find your number behind the size, for example edition 2/5. Once all editions are taken, there is still the Artist Print or "AP". This differs in some points, for example in the color brilliance of the originals.

I will gladly issue a certificate for the respective artwork. Is also possible afterwards, then please show me a proof of purchase for this.

Procedure in case of damage by comprehensive service:

The purchase of one of my works is safe. If the artwork is irreparably damaged through your fault, that of a third party or other natural causes, I will gladly replace it at any time.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Please send me the damaged work or a photo or video of the damaged area of the work.

Step 2: I will then make another artwork for you. You only pay the material price, handling fee and shipping.

Step 3: Now you can fix the photograph and enjoy your favorite work again.