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The best is just good enough

Once on the wall, it's like love at first sight! The eyes glide lovingly over the perfect surface of the acrylic glass. The treasure is firmly attached to it and, as it were, enclosed. Even in mega-format, a pin-sharp real photo is exposed. Glued without waves and flawlessly even onto an aluminium-plastic-aluminium plate (Aludibond), which guarantees the artwork optimum rigidity, stability and durability.

This combination of Aludibond, photography, UV protection and acrylic glass creates an inseparable bond, which is characterised by its luxurious elegance and extremely long durability.

The surface can be produced in a high-gloss finish or, on request, in a matt finish. It is idle to try to find a flaw in this indescribably high-quality structure. The perfect finish is simply breathtaking. It is hard to tear oneself away.

A special picture needs a special frame - or does it?

If you have purchased a work by André Wagner, it will change your room. No one can escape the powerful impact that the picture's message triggers.

There is deliberately no frame used. Not to follow a trend in the stream of time, but to not let anything distract the effect of the photograph on the room.

Should you nevertheless wish a frame, I will be happy to advise you.

Durable premium quality

The vibrant colours and high tonal richness achievable through large format exposure on premium photographic paper are unparalleled. Both the magical depth effect of the acrylic glass and the brilliant detail achieved on real photographic paper lend the artworks a mysterious allure.

Due to the chosen production method, the highest gallery quality is achieved, which even allows the issuing of a lifetime guarantee also for the colours and contrasts.

Transport, hanging and guarantee

The transport takes place in a special, so-called ArtSecurity packaging. This is specially optimised for works of art to prevent damage such as breakage, dents or scratches during transport.

Included in the delivery is a complete professional hanging system made of aluminium, which is already attached to the artwork. This allows you to hang your new artwork easily and most importantly safely.

I guarantee that your artwork will arrive completely intact and in the promised premium quality. But I go one step further: If something happens to your artwork due to an accident, you will get it replaced. The reason for the destruction is irrelevant. You only pay the pure production and delivery costs plus a small handling fee.


The authenticity of your artwork will be confirmed to you upon delivery with a serial sticker signed by me. Since the works are limited, you will find on this sticker, in addition to the size, the number of the work, for example 2/5 (the second copy of an edition of 5 pieces worldwide). I will also gladly issue you an additional certificate of authenticity.

And now enjoy your new work of art for all eternity, which will be the envy of every visitor, whether you like it or not.