André Wagner

Coming back from the Yamuna River; Vrindavana #8/8


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Rituals in the morning mist Thick, cool fog fills the air this early morning. In Vrindavan, northern India, three women in beautiful sari robes return from the banks of the sacred Yamuna River at the Keshi Ghat. Yamuna is also the goddess of life. And like many believers every day, they too come from a religious ritual. They sacrificed boats with flowers to the river and thus to the goddess of life. In doing so, they hope that their worries will be carried away and their sins washed away. Focused up The sight of this morning cult, as well as the power of the colors and the immense calm that emanates from the women, is magical. Even on their way back, they are still completely focused on their spiritual ritual. Calm as souls and still deep in thought, they climb the steps of the wide stone staircase from the riverbank to the top. Can you feel the calm of the scene? Colors muted but strong by the fog and concentrated absorption: just letting go, getting rid of worries. Peace has come, peace for this day. Do you feel that calm? The tide of time carries away the sorrows Let this photography take you to your place where you can leave your worries behind. To the place where trust in the good triumphs, in the certainty that every day is a new beginning that has no place for yesterday. Allow yourself that the balanced and soothing composition of powerful silence and concentration of this work gives you the motivation and confidence every day that you too can let your worries carry away with the flow of time. You just have to let them go. OpenSea logo

André Wagner


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