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Finland - a country full of natural beauty

Finland is the land of lakes and untouched nature. Armed with my camera and many expectations, I set out to discover this country - and I was not disappointed. As I made my way through the deserted landscape, I was always accompanied by the cheerful chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. Once I even caught a glimpse of an imposing moose roaming the forest in the far distance. In this magical landscape I felt at one with nature. I wanted to preserve this feeling and went in search of a motif that touched me deeply.

The magic lies in simplicity

I did not have to search long, because directly in front of me opened a sight that almost took my breath away. Between the graceful birch trees with their elegant trunks, the already slanting sun cast its brilliant rays through the forest, setting everything in an atmospheric, dreamy light. Trees, grasses and shrubbery - everything looked like on a stage, arranged especially for me. I grabbed my camera and captured this magic so you can enjoy it too.

The mystical light penetrates directly to the soul

This photograph comes out especially well as a triptych. The larger image in the center becomes the focal point of the universe, shining directly into the viewer's soul. To the left and right, it is framed by narrower images that complete the motif. It almost seems as if you are standing directly in this magical forest in Finland and can perceive the scent of the forest and the sounds. All at once stress and worries are forgotten and a deep relaxation spreads. Nothing can touch the soul more.

Feelings of happiness in black and white

At the sight of the atmospheric triptych BIRKENWALD in Finland, relaxation comes by itself, no matter how stressful the day has been. Immerse yourself and enjoy the magic of this breathtaking landscape and mystical glow. The 3-part work in stylish B/W is the last copy of this expressive edition - don't miss this chance.

André Wagner


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