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The timeless work "Descending to Yamuna River" was created during my stay in India at the sacred river Yamuna.

The Yamuna is attributed great importance in Indian mythology. Ancient accounts tell that the river originally originated from the Ghaggar River. However, this changed its direction over the years. It owes its name to the goddess Yamuna, also known as Yami or later Kalinda (the Dark One).

Legends tell that this legendary place was blessed by Krishna, who fell into the waters as a baby. This gave rise to a popular belief: people who immerse themselves in the sacred waters are healed and spared from sickness, death and fear.

During my trip to India, I visited this spiritual and mythical place. Once there, I was able to experience and capture some wonderful moments.

I would like to tell you a story about one of these moments:

A few hours before sunrise, my wife and I set out to visit the seaside resort of Keshi Ghat on the pier of the Yamuna.

On arriving there, we spotted a beautiful temple and stone steps leading down to the bank of the sacred river.

Although it was before dawn, many people were already gathered to perform their religious rituals.

This fascinating sight radiated an incredible calm.

Overwhelmed by the atmosphere, I walked thoughtfully down the steps to the bank of the Yamuna. Brightly colored flowers from previous offerings lay everywhere and deep mist hung in the air. Men and women dressed in gorgeous traditional robes strode past me, introverted.

I felt this moment was magical and wanted to capture it completely authentically.

Luckily for me, everyone present was deep in thought and in a world where I did not exist.

In seconds, I positioned myself at the edge of the stairs and purposefully pressed the shutter button. I managed to immortalize this breathtaking sight unaltered.

This work takes you far away from your everyday life. It accompanies you to a place where faith is lived.

Through him hope is created. For he gives us humans the certainty that everything will be fine.

André Wagner


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