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Fighter in the front line

Strong and immovable, he stands in the evening sun. Nothing can knock him down. He is a fighter, has had to endure a lot and go through a lot. He still has to endure the fierce headwinds every day. He stands on the cliff in the front line. He has no protection. It is the protection. This tree on the southern tip of New Zealand stands its ground like a symbol of strength and resilience. He is authentic and able to be a winner even in such adverse circumstances.

Prepared to survive

What makes this tree so steadfast? Among other things, it will have strong roots. Where do we humans stand in our lives? Are we rooted strong enough? How well prepared are we for what we can expect as resistance? To competition, to envy, to open or secret attacks. Only those who are really good and well equipped for the struggle will survive.

Roots give security

No storm in the world will uproot the first to form deep roots. Being rooted in oneself and in one's matter gives the security that is necessary for the personal struggle for success.

Fighting against storms

Much in our world today is more appearance than reality. However, appearances do not withstand headwinds for long. As against storms, we all fight against strokes of fate and failures. Thousands of obstacles try to divert us from our path. Only those who are rooted deep enough will have the strength to withstand it all. This powerful photograph brings strength into its space. It was the cover motif of André Wagner's first book and the complete edition is practically sold out. Only the second and therefore last artist print is still available.

André Wagner


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