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Breathe the oriental calm

The light draws sharp shadows on the endless path to the summit. They seem to joke, as if playing with the overpowering columns of the many thousands of wooden gates. This mysterious atmosphere in the vast grounds of the Fushimi Inari-Taisha of Kyoto, about 40 kilometers northeast of Osaka, radiates a very special tranquility. The crowds of people who make the daily pilgrimage up this path are already on their way home in their buses. The elements are back among themselves.

The mystery of light

The path of the thousand gates (torii) up to the Shinto shrine is snapped a thousand times every day. However, the real imposance is revealed to the viewer only within a small window of time in the evening. It is not easy to capture all their imperfections uniting into an energetic perfection so powerfully.

Feel the energy?

The fusion of bold colors and shapes, subtle nuances and playful power of lights and shadows, do you feel this energy?

Get this positive energy into your own realm

Whether in the office or in your home, this oriental masterpiece is not only a decorative eye-catcher. Rather, the work exudes a soothing blend of powerful calm and fiery strength. Exactly this captured moment dominates the room and makes you and your visitors feel every day anew the positive expanse, the power and this deep confidence.

Get this wonderful piece of enchanting warmth and energy in your own realm!

André Wagner


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