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Out of materialism

Full of longing, Jahnavi Harrison stands on a rooftop in New York and looks east with closed eyes. The omnipresent consumerism in this city does not fit the lifestyle of the world-famous mantra singer. Yoga and spirituality stand in stark contrast to the materialism lived on all sides. And especially here in this pulsating metropolis. Resting in herself, facing the East, i.e. India, she turns her back to the viewer and thus forces him to look East as well. Jahnavi takes you on this journey of liberation.

Looking inside

This shot is part of my "Inside View" series, in which I have staged people meditating on high-rise rooftops. Jahnavi Harrison pulls the gaze and spirit out from the concrete. The photo shows an encouraging escape from the digital consumer world that is forced upon us in our society and confronts it.

It works everywhere

Even in our hectic environment, we don't have to stay trapped in materialism, because spirituality and yoga don't just work in the Himalayas.

A source of wonderful energy

Are we then forced to simply endure and bear our circumstances? From the east, the sun sends us its first dose of energy every morning. It seems that this photograph opens a door to this source. But this is not about an escape from reality. It is about more. Meditation and yoga can free us from an apparent vicious circle of the material world, just as the picture can. On the wall, the warm composition remains a permanent anchor for this thought.

André Wagner


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