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Determined in the moonlight

Palely lit by the full moon, the path lies clear before the lone pilgrim striding briskly forward on the long Govardhana hill. His gaze is resolutely directed forward. Nothing can distract him, nothing can stop him. The spirited dynamism of his powerful movement is perfectly captured.

The background

The rain god Indra, angered by the arrogance of young Krishna, sent a terrible storm cloud to destroy both Krishna and all the human and livestock of his village of Vrindavan in northern India. When Krishna noticed what was brewing over the village, he raised the entire hill of Govardhana (about 10 km long, 1 km wide and 50 m high) only with the little finger of his left hand and in this way created a shelter for all for seven days. Indra then recognized a high god in Krishna, who has been one of the most popular deities of Hinduism ever since. Even today, the elongated hill of Govardhana is considered sacred and is an important pilgrimage site.


How often do we have to fight distractions of all kinds that try to hinder our progress? How often do we succumb to these distractions? How often do we wish we had more determination? Don't we too often feel constrained by compromises, obligations, and social pressures? Do we really need to accept this?

An example of unstoppability

Just as the pilgrim walks his path unstoppably, this work reflects the power of human courage. Whenever you are overcome with the feeling of being overwhelmed or drifting off your path, look into the face of this lonely pilgrim who needs nothing more than his firm faith and indestructible will. 

Do you also feel the strong power and motivation of this work of art? 

André Wagner


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