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Determined in the moonlight

Palely lit by the full moon, the path lies clear before the lone pilgrim striding briskly forward on the long Govardhana hill. His gaze is resolutely directed forward. Nothing can distract him, nothing can stop him. The spirited dynamism of his powerful movement is perfectly captured.

The background

The rain god Indra, angered by the arrogance of young Krishna, sent a terrible storm cloud to destroy both Krishna and all the human and livestock of his village of Vrindavan in northern India. When Krishna noticed what was brewing over the village, he raised the entire hill of Govardhana (about 10 km long, 1 km wide and 50 m high) only with the little finger of his left hand and in this way created a shelter for all for seven days. Indra then recognized a high god in Krishna, who has been one of the most popular deities of Hinduism ever since. Even today, the elongated hill of Govardhana is considered sacred and is an important pilgrimage site.


How often do we have to fight distractions of all kinds that try to hinder our progress? How often do we succumb to these distractions? How often do we wish we had more determination? Don't we too often feel constrained by compromises, obligations, and social pressures? Do we really need to accept this?

An example of unstoppability

Just as the pilgrim walks his path unstoppably, this work reflects the power of human courage. Whenever you are overcome with the feeling of being overwhelmed or drifting off your path, look into the face of this lonely pilgrim who needs nothing more than his firm faith and indestructible will. 

Do you also feel the strong power and motivation of this work of art? 

Size work:50 × 50 × 0.5 cm
Size frame54 × 54 × 2.5 cm
Edition7 copies (+ 2 AP), here no. 5
Material:Archive-strength fine art print on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper 
Photo Rag Baryta mounted on Aludibond  
Framing:Real wood artist frame with anti-reflective museum glass 
Signature: signed, titled and numbered on the reverse
Delivery: secure delivery to your home and free of charge within Germany
ConditionThe photograph is in very good condition.
ProvenanceAtelier André Wagner in Potsdam

Why are the works of André Wagner limited?

The photographs of André Wagner are art and not mass-produced. Therefore, all works are limited to a few pieces (usually 5). So you get a real original, signed by hand and with certificate of authenticity and ownership.

What is an Open Edition?

Open Editions are mass produced and are neither certified nor signed. They can be reproduced practically infinitely and are usually only available in a defined size. André Wagner only offers Open Editions of a few motifs in order to make his art accessible to a broad public at a reasonable price.

What does "Make an Offer" mean?

Make an Offer means that you can make an offer to buy a particular artwork or series. It may be that the price of the work exceeds your current budget. In this case, please submit an alternative offer for the desired photograph to André Wagner. The artist will contact you immediately. Of course, your purchase offer does not constitute a valid purchase contract until your offer has been accepted by André Wagner.

What is my Wish-List for

If one of André Wagner's photographs has particularly touched you, you can save it in your Wish-List without any obligation. No obligation arises from this, also in the future. The Wish-List serves only for your own memory, so that you do not lose your favorite(s) from the eyes and from the heart.

What does Bestseller, Last Print and Gallery Only mean?

A photograph becomes a Bestseller when half of the edition has already been sold. This means that the price increases for the works that are still available. The Last Print is practically the last image that can be purchased and usually costs twice the price of the first image in the edition.

Gallery Only are the so called exhibition prints, which are works that have been made especially for an exhibition. The Gallery Only works are stored in André Wagner's studio and, since they are not absolutely new, can be purchased at a preferential price.

What is meant by an exhibition print?

Exhibition prints, also called Gallery Only, are works made especially for exhibitions. After the exhibitions, the exhibition prints are stored in André Wagner's studio. The corresponding works are undamaged and in perfect condition, but just not absolutely new. If you are interested, you can make an appointment in the studio, view these works and purchase them. Since they have already been shown and are no longer new, they are available at a preferential price.

What is a certificate?

When you send us your artwork, you will receive, among other things, a certificate about the work. On this certificate of authenticity the rightful ownership of the artwork in your name and the serial number (e.g. the third print out of five possible worldwide) are certified. Furthermore, the certificate bears the original signature of the artist. Storage in a safe place (safe) is recommended.

In what sizes are the works available?

You can see the available sizes when ordering on the respective page of the online exhibition. If you want a format that is not offered, please write a short mail. André Wagner will then contact you personally.

Can I have the selected photograph framed?

Of course you can have your work framed. Whether shadow gap frame, with passe-partout or even very unusual wishes, everything is possible. Contact André Wagner and make your artwork a very special one.

What do I get delivered?

First of all, you will receive by courier, of course, your selected photograph in the format you ordered and the desired finish in a special transport box. Unless you have specifically ordered a different version, you will receive a razor-sharp real photo, exposed, waveless and flawlessly flat mounted on an aluminum-plastic-aluminum plate (Aludibond), sealed with acrylic glass. A composite that stands out for its luxurious elegance and extremely long durability. Whether the surface should be high-gloss or matt, you have already decided in the ordering process. The perfect finishing is absolutely convincing. A complete professional aluminum hanging system for safe suspension is already attached to the artwork.

In a separate shipment for security reasons, André Wagner will send you a few days beforehand the certificate of authenticity that belongs to the artwork, the hand-signed authenticity sticker that you please stick on the back of the work before hanging it, tips as well as dowels and screws for safe hanging on a stone wall and care instructions to preserve the value of your artwork.

What is the finishing of the selected photograph?

The standard of André Wagner's works are crisply exposed real photographs, which are mounted without waves or bubbles on an aluminum-plastic-aluminum plate (Aludibond) and sealed with matte or high-gloss acrylic glass. A composite that stands out for its luxurious elegance and extremely long durability.

Can I choose a finish other than Aludibond/acrylic?

Of course. Contact André Wagner and choose the finishing that suits you best. From the simplest print to elaborate acoustic images and underwater finishes, anything is possible.

What does a work of art by André Wagner cost?

Since André Wagner does not sell mass-produced artwork, there are no standard prices. The prices vary per motif and depend above all on the selected size and the number of strictly limited copies still available.

Is a customer account necessary to purchase an artwork?

No. You select the desired motif and the corresponding size in the gallery and if you have no other special requests, you can order directly.

Will I receive a confirmation of my purchase?

Of course you will. You will receive a corresponding e-mail immediately after your purchase and then also a confirmation of purchase by mail.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for artwork with the usual payment methods. Both VISA and Mastercard, bank transfer, Bitcoin or PayPal.

Is the online payment secure?

Every transaction is SSL-encrypted and thus complies with the most modern security standards for online purchases. In addition, the two-factor identification PSD2 (3D Secure) is carried out for credit card payments.

Can I purchase a voucher?

Of course you can purchase a voucher in any amount. The purchased vouchers are valid for three years from the date of issue according to the law. Please feel free to contact André Wagner. If you have a specific artwork in mind, please note that its price may change (see What does Bestseller, Last Print and Gallery Only mean?).

Exchange, revocation and return

André Wagner guarantees that your artwork will arrive completely intact and in the promised premium quality.

For exhibition prints, which can be viewed in the studio, a right of exchange of 14 days applies.

For works not in stock in the studio, there is unfortunately no such right of exchange, as these are produced specifically on customer request. This is because ordered paintings that are not in stock in the studio are products that are produced according to customer specifications, so that the consumer's right to revoke a distance contract is excluded, § 312d paragraph 4 No. 1 BGB.

I would like to revoke or change my purchase

Except if it is a Gallery Only or exhibition print, neither a change of format, motif, cancellation or revocation of the purchase are possible. Please note that with your order, the factory is automatically entered into production and ordered images are products made to customer specifications, so that the consumer's right to revoke a distance contract is unfortunately excluded, § 312d paragraph 4 No. 1 BGB.

How safe is the delivery?

The transport takes place in a special, so-called ArtSecurity packaging. This is specially optimized for works of art to prevent damage such as breakage, dents or scratches during transport. Your artwork will be delivered by DHL directly to the given address.

What happens if I receive my work damaged?

In the extremely unlikely event that, despite special packaging, your artwork arrives damaged, we distinguish between two cases:

If the damage is already visible from the outside, please document the damage (cell phone photo is sufficient) and do not accept the shipment.
If damage only becomes visible after opening the packaging, please also document it extensively and please report the damage immediately, at the latest within one week.
In both cases André Wagner will find a solution for you as soon as possible.

How much are the shipping costs?

Both the ArtSecurity packaging and the shipping to the address you specify within Germany are included in the purchase price. For shipping within Europe, to Switzerland and worldwide shipping there are small surcharges, depending on the size between 15 and 85€. In addition, there may be country-specific customs duties.

When can I expect the delivery?

Within Germany, please allow approximately 7-14 days for production and delivery. Within Europe you can expect your artwork in 14-21 days. If your desired delivery address is outside of Europe, please allow 21-28 days.

Can I pick up my work at the gallery?

In principle, you can of course pick up your work in person at the gallery. However, this is not recommended, as the entire transport risk is transferred to you at the moment of pickup, thus excluding any subsequent warranty claims. Please also take into account the size of your artwork, which often makes easy transport considerably more difficult.

How do I hang my artwork safely on the wall?

Your work of art will reach you prepared for wall mounting. A complete professional aluminum hanging system is already attached directly to the artwork for secure hanging. In addition, you will receive dowels and screws for safe hanging on a stone wall. From unpacking to hanging, assistance from another adult is generally recommended.

Does André Wagner offer help with hanging?

Especially for large and heavy artworks or pictures with special functions like acoustic or underwater pictures, professional help with the installation is recommended. Within Germany and Switzerland, André Wagner offers a package for the insured and professional hanging of his artworks. Please feel free to ask us.

What happens if something happens to my artwork?

If something happens to your work of art (robbery, fire, water damage, mechanical damage, ...), you will receive a replacement upon submission of appropriate evidence (police report, photos, etc.). The reason of destruction does not matter. You only pay the pure production and delivery costs plus a small handling fee.

Shipping & Delivery

With an order placed in our online store, we usually deliver within Germany free of shipping charges, as long as it is not otherwise noted in the store.
For technical or logistical reasons, a shipment may take place in several stages.

Delivery time
Unless otherwise stated in the respective offer, the delivery of the goods in the domestic market (Germany & Austria) within 7-14 business days.

International shipping for an additional charge, this is displayed in the shopping cart.

Note that on Sundays and public holidays no delivery is made.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in a joint shipment, unless we have made other agreements with you. The delivery time is determined in this case after the article with the longest delivery time you have ordered.

Please note that for deliveries to countries outside the EU (eg Switzerland) may be subject to additional customs duties and import taxes.

Conditions for deliveries to Switzerland

The shipping costs are currently free with us in the store.
We do not refund German sales tax.
Please note that in the event of a return, you must bear the return costs themselves. In the case of justified complaints, you pay the part of the return costs that exceeds the German return costs.


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